Episode 107

🍻 Brewskies with the Boys featuring Kyle and Juke


July 27th, 2021

1 hr 44 mins 10 secs

Season 2

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Special Guest

About this Episode

We have a long episode for y'all this week! In episode 107 of The Show, we have Edmund, Kyle, and our friend Juke all kicking the can!
Get ready for military stories, learning how to umpire, the anxiety of dealing with celebrities, malpractice lawsuits, comedian stories, and much much more!

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Shout out to The Show's Production Team:

Edmund Mitchell: Edmund is our fearless leader who (regularly) unintentionally lights his head on fire. https://www.instagram.com/edmundmitch...

Adrian Cortes: Adrian presses buttons to post and record and schedule and most importantly, keeps Edmund company here at the Studio.

Kyle Aubert: Kyle works a little so he can ball a lot in the closet, where he works tirelessly as our video and audio guru.

Ali Hoffman: Ali bilocates as both co-host and guest and although she knows her siblings lied to her when they told her she had a siamese twin, the birthmark on her arm might say otherwise...

Brittany Anderson: As co-host and guest, Brittany might not go to the movies with you but she will gladly eat your frozen pizza. https://www.instagram.com/blittany/

Anna Lincoln: While getting her gym credit in high school by playing percussion, Anna dreamt of a time when she would be able to put her incredible administrative and creative skills to use...then she found us. https://www.instagram.com/annalouise9...

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